A Perfectionist’s Dilemma of Lean

Often one gets caught in dilemmas. While the state of confusion by itself is a good starting point, stagnation in that state isn’t.
While starting up, at times, a perfectionist gets absorbed in to the vortex of making everything perfect and tends to mis-understand or fails to see starting up lean with a perspective that would yield quicker results than the usual time consuming methods of developing a full fledged perfect product / service that has the risk of getting shot down by the prospective customer.
Lean doesn’t advocate shoddiness or imperfection, rather lean advocates cutting down the vanity and getting to the crux in the minimum possible time, of course a perfect one at that stage. Lean isn’t about working based on mere vague assumptions but about making those assumptions using science.
It’s imperative to understand that it doesn’t require to have the whole product / service in a perfect state to reach out to your early adopters, only because, the perfect state is a state of constant evolution with shorter cycle time. Instead, a perfect Minimum Viable Product that gives the crux of the idea, ready to take cues from the early adopters to shape it according to the market needs by adding features and building on it.
I’d like to touch upon the science behind the decisions without it being vague assumptions in my next post along with Pigeonhole Principle.
Please let me know your thoughts around this, will be happy to connect and learn your perspectives.

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