Mindset and Self belief

Two articles that I read recently struck a chord, may be at the right time, way too random & columned under different genre, but I felt like picking what I needed from both of them and adding pinch of whatever I think makes sense to me at the beginning of the next day I’ve got to live.

When disbelief creeps in, the best thing to do is to believe, mostly in self, while not denying that other elements could be used as an additional aid to self belief.

Here is a snippet from a CNN interview with Roberto Cavalli – An italian fashion designer.

“CNN: Where do you think your self-belief comes from?

Roberto Cavalli: If you want to be successful, you have to believe in yourself. When you are not sure, you show weakness. To be strong you have to show your power, not your muscle power but the brainpower, the character of your heart. If you shoot people with the energy of your mind you become something special.”

And here are two snippets from Times of India article in the spiritual end by Dawn Fields – A Mission Speaker.

“Hey, it happens. We all fall down. But the good thing about it is we get up. Just because you fell down doesn’t mean you have to stay down. Get up! Why are you still sitting there? We all make mistakes.”

“Start by telling yourself, “My past has no bearing on who I am now. And, therefore, is not important. I am here to glorify God. I am God’s child and, therefore, worthy of greatness.” If you take this simple phrase and say it to yourself all day long, you will soon start to notice changes in your life.”

People who have believed have achieved, I have seen it, experienced it, felt it, right from all walks of life and from inside as well.

I thank the unknown source that lead me towards both these articles indeed at the right time, just to keep it all going, the way it has been always, with self belief.

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