What is with living one’s life the way it is and living one’s life with a perspective around it?

All I see is commotion, chaos, ruckus whether everything in life is based on theories or everything is approached with a pragmatic perspective.

What is life without feelings?

Neither the theories nor the practicality seem to have any feelings around it.

Theories seem to bring in confusion in life by making one get entangled with too many thoughts that doesn’t help one to lead a peaceful life and when one is too practical, they tend to forget the reality and look at everything from a perspective of frames and lose the joy of enjoying the moment.

Is life all about looking far beyond to touch the horizon or just having a great time with the closest wave that touches your feet?

Where is the balance? How does one balance and not hit extremes?

Emotions, feelings, love & the romance of it.

What has made anyone a better person in history and today and what can make some one a better person, someone who can love themselves the way they are?

Trust & Love – Whether blind or crazy, end of it, it exists, it helps one to exist.

It has always given inspiration, has brought smile, has shown the path to walk and to lead.

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