Artificial Intelligence

The very thing that’s the reason behind a fruit or a vegetable taking a shape it takes is intelligence. Who created that intelligence, where is it coming from and can it be replicated or manipulated are some key questions we constantly seek answers for.

Evolution states that everything evolves, from one state to another. Artificial Intelligence though created artificially, will develop the capabilities to evolve as well, apparently that’s what we are trying to get at.

Now the whole deal of concern is about human being made Artificial Intelligence gaining it’s own conscience. In theory and for all practical purposes, it is equivalent to being concerned about the child that we bring in to this world getting it’s own conscience.

What’s your thought on your child coming of age and developing his/her conscience?


Do you feel me? When I’m around and when I’m not around.

It’s told that the unspoken words are precious, but I feel being felt when not around is far more precious and invaluable.

Now that brings these questions, what’s the feeling like? What kind of energy do you emit? How are you being felt?

Just as curious as I’m as always, I would like to know what’s my significance? What’s the measurement?

Or am I looking for something that I shouldnt be looking for, too silly?

As usual in search of lucidity in my deluded, distant, far fetched, never ending, piped dreams.