You are what you want to be

Who decides what you need to be?

Tracking back right from the beginning, parental impact, so called relatives, society, community, state, country, education system, friends and who & what not?

It is not about being a social hermit, it is about knowing what one needs and wishes to be and exhibiting efficacy in being so.

I was recently contemplating with someone inspiring, who thought I’m worth talking to about a situation and know what my thought is.

A situation which could be considered to be jealousy or greedy because one thinks they are worth more than what they are getting and which is a glaring fact and for a flash second, the thought of “why not me?” comes in the mind.

My only point is, you are what you want to be and it is absolutely right to dream.

If I have to look back, most of what I consider to be a milestones in the mortal journey be it materialistic or otherwise, have been my dreams, it is an equation that has never lost its state of equilibrium.

Atleast I know that fire thats burning inside is what is driving me, keeping me going, letting me dream, helping me achieve and dream higher.

It was fascinating to read an article, Manoj Night Shyamalan iterviewed by Times Of India during his India visit, a snippet to quote here is…

“If you take luck out of it, you’ll see that the difference between me and the next person is my belief system—it’s bizarrely high, right from when I was a little kid. I’d think if I focussed enough and devoted my life to something, without a shadow of a doubt, I could play in the NBA if I wanted,”

Manoj Night Shyamalan has been criticised as narcissistic, self-aggrandizing so on and so forth, end of the day, he knows that he is the highest paid writer and he knows what he wants and hence he is what he wants to be.

The idea is to let the fire help one achieve what one wants to and be and not let even a bit of it in any form be a playing partner in destroying one self.