Hello world!

Hello World,

Life is a teacher and its up to us to learn from it. While one can try to experience everything by themselves in life, learning from others’ experience saves time and at times, even prevents misery. More importantly, learning from someone else in life can be interesting only if there is an interest to learn and an understanding that there are things to be learned from others.

Of course being able to find the right Jedi who is keen in accepting you as their padawan is something thats possible only with a cosmic connection and nothing else. I’m thankful to God for making me an inquisitive individual, often questioning myself and at times others around me on how things work. More often, “others” were people I met online and I’d say at least 70% of what I could learn was because of Internet and People I met over Internet. I am blessed to have been able to meet some of them even in real life. Thats how I’ve found most of my Jedis.

This quintessential first post, I’d like to dedicate to everyone who’ve helped me learn all through my life and making it possible for me to say hello to the world.